Sunday, June 08, 2008

Only Religious People SWEAR

The art of using "Fuck" in everyday conversation
By Osho

When I was younger, I would have swear-ed with pride,if things did not go my way.Now that I am a adult..I am not able to swear...Its a handicap...if you are single,8-5 working slave for a big corporation.If you are religious, all the swear words which shall be used...would be related to sexual activity,so any words used at your enemies would give you immense they would rot in hell because of bad sexual misconduct.

When you are not religious you know that there is no heaven or hell and no God..Then if you assault a person by saying "Fuck you"...Its a blessing in disguise,so that their desperate desires get fulfilled fast.

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Anonymous said...

it should be raised to the status of daily prayer... "may i get fucked today, may i get fucked today, may i..."