Thursday, July 10, 2008


How can we judge whether or not we have improved in our life?
There are few theories, which say that there is no ultimate transformation and there is no need to change ourselves. But I feel that because of our illusions that we create,we change ourselves from the perfect state.To return to our original form is transformation.We have to use the relative mind and the changing reality to define ourselves.Even though it is quite clear that we continuously change every second.We set up ideals which we think lasts for a longer time.All virtues and vices which we possess cannot exist.One way to judge progess is to see how much the mind fluctuates between misery and happiness.When we accept both and not complain or if we decrease the amount of cribbing we do,we start progressing towards better mental health.The second way of judging would be how attached or possessive we are to things and people.


LongerDisplayNames said...

As Dumbledore said, "The most contented man would see only himself in the mirror!"

If only such a mirror existed

Gagan said...

Ahh, but if you wouldn't crib, how would you know you need to do something else and not this.

Are you saying one shouldn't voice the crib ?

izmir evden eve said...

thank you for sharing