Monday, April 28, 2008

Overcoming Depression

I get depressed for various reasons…Sometimes it is because of the weather conditions.Constant sunshine cheers me up.So when I stayed at Texas for the past two years it was really nice.Even if I was terribly depressed …the nature around me lifted my spirits.I cannot bear cold/freezing/rainy/hailing/snowing places…They make me gloomy.As if fate wanted me to learn a lesson ,I am working at a place which hardly sees the sun.There is sunshine for only few hours in a week at the maximum…To make it more pleasant for me , this year my place is skipping summer.

There are lot of ways to overcome depression.Most of them are external stimuli given to you in a nice package.I have followed lot of these techniques to get out of depressed states.Only two good solutions have worked out for me.First is community service.When we see others suffering …our suffering looks so tiny in comparison.The second method is the "stupid method".Love depression and stay clam.It will leave you eventually.Either depression leaves or your body leaves.(Inappropriate joke!!! )

If you are the kind of person who has seen intense depression then it is evident, that our mind goes in predictable cycles.We get bogged down for some general scenarios.For me it is moral/ethical/justice oriented values.If I am stuck in a problem in which someone else does not take a right moral stand makes me deeply angry.In the same way , I guess everyone in the world has something which turns them off.But if you are served the same scenario with different people and few more complexities added in ..we get vexed and then ultimately slip into depression.There are also other reasons for depression death,financial crisis,spiritual crisis,boredom,loneliness,too many people around to bug you…etc..

To raise higher than our thoughts/emotions is a very difficult process.To reach a level where we neglect our thought process is even more difficult.This is the reason why positive statements don't make us very happy when we are depressed.It helps you a little bit by giving hope but it does not cure you.Positive thoughts are fed to the mind and we can train the mind to be positive for a while but once the mind gets de-hypnotized it slips back into a depressive state.The only thing which helps us is Action.You may have a thought which says that you are worthless, but then again you can act your way towards success. The body cannot take severe emotions.It gets agitated and becomes weak.We can get affected by severe diseases and sometimes even tumors/cancers are a result of deep depression.(Subject to speculation…All medical studies are bound to change every two hours)
Mental analysis rarely cure depression.If they could cure, then psychotherapists would have been billionaires.(they have become millionaires!!!).I don't see any reason why we have this ideal in our head that life one day will be without problems.Even Buddha made it clear that "Life is suffering" and the only way out for him was meditation and acceptance of impermanence.The only foolproof way to combat depression is to work diligently even when we are not depressed.To constantly check our motives and our expectations.To let it go when the time comes.No regrets, no grievances.


Anonymous said...

Believe you will overcome the depression and come out of it soon. My opinion about life is "Life is wonderful, if you know how to live it". Deviated from your second method.

Gosay said...

depression is the greatest guru... the better of the best friends... the pain.... that has a untapped reservoir of power.....Hail tragedy....only emotional please! :)