Friday, May 02, 2008

Social Change

I want the world to change according to my own petty fancies.I want to wipe poverty,AIDS and cancer.I want to educate millions of poor girls in India.
"There is no need to worry …I am not joining Indian politics "

My Experience with service was as follows…
1.Kindness - My kindness experiments went down the drain as I belive my nature itself is that of anger...I have complaints against everyone.Trying to force kindness on myself was like the experience people would have if they are in a dentist's chair.
2 Feeling better- My ego always gets a good boost .Whenever I do some service ,I develop a halo around my head…for the next few days.Its so shocking how people waste loads of money on creams to get the glow.
3.Influence of Mother Teresa/Gandhi –I was hypnotized early on by Gandhi.He had a stronger hold on my mind than my parents.Even though I was a engineer,deep down somewhere I belived that the spinning wheel can save the world.The things people can do to you from the grave is scary.
Mother Teresa was a huge influence on me.The fact that she donated a apple at an young age was something which blew my minds off.When I was young I used to hide chocolates from everyone.I was denied admission in a school because of my excessive attachments to choclates.So whenever I used to serve I used to feel like I was one step closer in becoming Mother Teresa.The silly thing was I can never become like Mother Teresa because she was a Norwegian and I am a Indian.So all my efforts at donating money,biscuts,books to become like her, went out of the window because of citizenship problems.
If I suffered from Depression I used to volunteer.When I used to see other people in worser conditions I used to help them.I felt better because they were miserable.Poverty actually cured my depression.
Volunteer service becomes a good topic for breaking the ice…whenever I meet strangers on flights etc..
God/Temples are good ice breakers too.I have zero knowledge about both so I always chose volunteer service as conversation starters
6 Employment
It can also be seen internship experience by employers.(I added it in my resume)
7.Food/other benefits
Normally you get fed really well by organizations if you are volunteering.You may get some free stuff too.Temples in USA have that advantage too.Most of the time I meet people who are religions,they tell me of the greatness of Dosa or different varieties of rice available.One temple I personally recommend for good Tamil food is Meenakshi Temple in Houston.I am yet to meet "religious"people who tell me about God or about mental peace they obtained when they went to a temple.
If temples should have more attendance I feel they should open a Mc.Donalds outlet there.
8.Well Behaved People:
You meet nicer people.Even if they have deep hate for you, they smile outwardly because everyone is working for a good cause which can make the world a better place.

Personally I feel the very need to serve, if got from the desire to feel better about yourself …..Is the worst desire a human can have.
We always want to feel better and become superior to others.Sympathy/pity/empathy and all these emotions are not strong enough to motivate a person to serve.If they were strong enough then the world wont have so many problems.Every single time we serve its like filling a bottomless tank with water.Its gone …Its wasted…There is no difference done.When this idea really sinks into us that we don't make a difference then it's the best kind of service.The ego does not claim its greatness and you don't become a super kind individual suffering for the world.After realizing this,if there is still a desire to serve,then I guess service would be a right path....


Anonymous said...

after realizing this, do u still feel a desire to serve?

astrocrazy2005 said...

Yes I feel a desire to serve...

Anonymous said...

why? what drives you?

Gosay said...

im drunk... but still therefore im commenting....fucking got couldnt fix US.... moyher teresa did few that we can relate too... and you are dreaming to do the rest? .... be clever cats like viveka nanda.. rmakrishna...find ur way out ...and if possible leave the traces.. then genuine once ... the one who really want to will follwo the trace....but dear...once dead are dead.... i saw, if ur lucky to have some good things to cherish in life enjouy it, but if you are liek those miserable people then fight for ur rights......

be selfish....u have only one fucking life.....