Sunday, April 27, 2008

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I thank everyone who take the time to read and comment on my blog.If anyone looks at the series of the posts it revolves on the following themes..
5.Practical Implications of Advaita Vedanta/Buddhism
6.Social Issues(Dealing with India)

The theories of Advaita and Buddhism may look contradictory.Adviata hits directly on the issues of Moksha whereas Buddhism deals with the issues related to the body/emotions/thoughts.
All paths lead to the truth.Anything which is false ...will fall away eventually.I wanted to honestly write about what I feel/believe/imagine...In no way ...I say that, I have knowledge about scriptures of any religion/path.What I write should always be taken as spiritual entertainment.
I have no strong hold on the English vocabulary/grammar..most of my posts will have huge errors..Language is always a barrier and so are words...Words have no use...As is the case with silence...


Anonymous said...

advaita vedanta and buddhist metaphysics don't speak of different things. see hridaya sutra for example.

Anonymous said...

so does tao-te-ching (by lao tse). it also speaks of the same things.

astrocrazy2005 said...

Anonymous comments will not be published again!!!
Anyone who wants to comment should use a valid name

Anonymous said...

haha! :D what does it matter whether i publish anonymously or with a name...? :)
anyway i'm sure u know who i am...

"A path is just a path, a name is just a name
What is, is, without sense or differentiation
And only divides itself into things when we give names"
--Tao Te Ching, Lao Tse.

Gosay said...

in past... prahlada...ekalvya... and soham(advaitha) unlocked my answers.... today i dont fducking belive in god....but i can chalange that i will tear a peice of gods ideol and challeange that im still a great deciple than you.... as people only talk about god, not beacuse of what he is... but ucking what he can do, or what he can do ( he can fucking solve all ur shit#) so better keep him good,.... fake till he belive you deserve moksha,,,,cheat him.. dithc him...fucking humans..