Friday, April 18, 2008

Having no Expectations

Having no expectations is a unreal state.I tried so hard not to have any attachment to the results.I have never succeeded in it.All the holy books can say and tell us to remain detached but to me that is not working.I am a first grade sinner and I agree to it heartfully.My mind always is greedy and it only aims for things which can satisfy my ego.People,things,ambition all are useful to me only after I have analyzed what I can obtain from them.In my whole life I have never committed any action for the heck of it.Its always like an economic transaction.I need to know what I can obtain and then I move forward.

The only way I could remain detached was when I never gave a damn about the action itself.So when I performed something and let it go …it was only because my mind got involved with something else.Some thing ,some desire…clouded my eyes so much that I forgot to sit and think about the result.So my conclusion about the detachment theory is that we have to use child psychology on ourselves.If you are with a child and you give them candy they would never think about other things .Same way you don't want to think about result show yourself some religious/spiritual/materialistic candy and your mind will never think of the result.You can float in your divine world thinking you achieved a new stage of greatness…but the truth is just that its "child psychology" performed on adults..

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Gosay said...

just reading the topic itself.. another contriction...please chant the topics in order ....forthe next few weeks. please i bneg you,u will be able to do a fvor to urself...