Friday, April 18, 2008


Desire is the same..It creeps in and makes us very desperate.All the theories of illusion and reality may exist.But none of them have any practical use to the society in general.The world runs with the principles made by foolish men/women.How can you live in the world and stay as if you are not going to act through any of the world principles.Its like a game you are playing....and you have to follow the rules to be in the game.
If you exist on the planet then you have to belong to a country.You are not going to say that i don't belong anywhere.Even if the earth is not flat ... it gives a impression that it is flat .Thats the reason we use 2 dimensional maps.It makes life easier to have the illusion that earth is flat.A 3 dimensional map will surely confuse you to no end.Coming to the ever lasting question of enlightenment ..If it has to happen and there is a need for it will happen on its own way...
Thats what I have realized ...No need of breaking your head on stupid analogies.But if you have a desire to follow a particular method then i don't think its good to suppress it.Any method like devotion,yoga or meditation....let it act and nature will take its course...It will ruin you and at the same time your desire will get extinguished.


Destination Infinity said...

Desires are ok as long as you have complete control over it. If it becomes addictive and you are not able to live without it, then its hazardous.

Destination Infinity.

Anonymous said...

one might ask: isn't schooling more important than graduation? :)