Sunday, April 13, 2008


Lust is the most common emotion I guess we all feel.I mean till the day you are going to die... you have lust of differnt intensities.Lust has always been seen as something very negative and the society tries to paint bad pictures about the most evident emotion we feel.When you are attracted to a person it should be clear on what basis the foundation of your felling is based.Physically we are attracted to a person and we may dream of having a pleasurable relation.Mentally we get attracted,Spiritually we get attracted , all these things are the same thing.How can we rate and say that the physical is the least,then comes mental attraction and then spiritual attarction.
Most of the time the physical attarction fades does the other mental and spiritual attarction.The problem is not with the other person ...the problem is with our minds.We always want some pleasure ...we hunt for every way every every opppurtunity...
If you lust for a person ...please go ahead and say it loud..that you are human ...and thats why you feel it!!!


Entheo said...

I am in accord with your thinking preethi

Anonymous said...

"... They are lucky
Who ask questions and move on before
the answers come, those wise ones who reside
In a blue, silent zone, unscratched by doubts
For theirs is the clotted peace embedded
In life, like music in the Koel's egg.

Like lust in the blood or like the sap in a tree... "

--'Nani', Kamala Das

Samhita said...

and what great benefit I achieve even if I speak my lust aloud? and what great change will the world yield even if it is gratified;and everytime?

Philosophers are fundamentally unhappy clan. The best way to become philosopher is to be unhappy. I mean it. They will work on theorizing facts and produce books, speeches with condensed thoughts. [Food for intellect and nothing more]. This is called Adhikara Vada as swamy vivekananda calls it. He criticizes some of our ancient Rishis too under this light. Words are powerful. Verbal delusion is dangerous as much as George Bush saying 'Implementing Democracy in self directed territories'. It is as much dangerous as the news media standing for 'Freedom of speech'!

Coming to the point of 'Lust'- It is an extension of greed. It is greed mounted upon physical senses. One can even be lusty for name, fame or money.

"Lust has always been seen as something very negative and the society tries to paint bad pictures about the most evident emotion we feel"

..For a while let's think that the whole society is full of assholes for such attitude towards lust and the lusty.

Concretely let's rephrase lust-for-body into sex-urge. The western scholars and the neo-eastern scholars like JK, argued that this urge should not be suppressed because it can erupt like a volcano!

I am going to say something now- and it is brief- you need not give price for it- but it's a fact that sex-urge can be completely tanscended towards much more useful goal for example- spiritual pursuit. So there is difference between supressing and transcending. But to transcend, one must practice non-violent supression! And initially it may be violent! As a matter of fact any difficult thing to learn is violent initially till it removes the inertia.(Left to your interest if you are curious to know more about it.)

This has been taught in every religion and culture of sensibility. Even Jesus Christ speaks about it. Even patanjali speaks about it. But unfortunately none of the modern Guruji's including Vipasana, AOL or SSY are speaking about it.(They are beautiful but may be lacking information)

The very reason for this lengthy comment is- I have read enough articles of philosophers and spoofy intellectuals about Sex.

Any talk of usefullness should be on Transcending; not 'social-reformer'like rant about supressing it.

But I agree with you about some attitude of people- "I am holier/purer than you"

Speaking truths, should involve absense of Adhikara-Vada and be void of ego of anykind. I hope you stand for truth as in the heading of your blog.

Gosay said...

though its a good topic, it contradicts......u...but still im retaliating from my bullying.....
i hope i have stoermed ur blgo with all spams of my thoughts... if u feel sorry.... i dont really want to say sorry..but i will say SOrry... this is what works... :)sorry and a thankyou too...