Saturday, April 26, 2008


Whenever you think of progressing on the path of higher consciousness there is a lot of destruction.We have to be ready mentally and physically ... all things will get badly affected.Mentally we may sink into depression which may last sometimes for years until we get adjusted to the growth.Physically the intense self search gives rise to increase in severe body aches and high fevers.All relationships go for a toss because we are not interested in anyone other than ourselves and our search.When the divine self becomes more important somehow the worldly occupations don't seem important.May be that is the reason various orders of monks/spiritual institutions were formed to give support for people who are in the seeking mode.Personally I feel we need support ..but this should never make us a parasite.Take help so that you can stand on your own two feet.Some of the scriptures write that once we start to seek ,the karma starts evaporating quickly and we may have very painful things happen to us.But all these occurrences are quite common and they should not push anyone to take extreme measures.If you are truly committed to the search then you will hold the body and use the body to achieve realization.

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