Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Self Improvement

When I joined the university to pursue a masters degree my aim was to get my life into a stable mode.I thought that by following society standards and scaling up my levels to include a higher degree will somehow equip me with more knowledge to deal with life.I have been wondering how following our heart requires tremendous amount of courage!Its not only breaking the societal norms but it also taking chances in our personal life.As humans we are supposed to plan what we are going to do for the next decade... so that we offer stability to everyone around us.I am no way smarter than what I was 2 years back.

What I feel I learned ...
I now have a more diplomatic way of dealing with people.
I cover some of the hard truth with professional lies.
I have learnt to deal with people better.
But the most important learning process (in life)is to learn to be independent.When we can love ourselves and depend on ourselves for love ..we have attained the highest level...Every other degree or knowledge is actually a waste.


sankalp said...

'When we can love ourselves and depend on ourselves for love ."

Believe me .... I have literally stood up and giving u a clap for this blessed thought.
Let Lord make more individuals like you.

What do I say........ lovely.... just lovely....!!!

Destination Infinity said...

This post was very frank. Thats why I depend on blogs for all my information than official websites of universities or otherwise. When are we going to have commerce detached from education? Why should we have is a good question!

Destination Infinity.

Samhita said...

You are my second intellectual-crush..