Saturday, January 12, 2008

Life and its purpose

There is a question at least,a few of us keep asking ourselves.
Is there a purpose to life?
We try to seek a purpose and build a purpose through our narrow visions.
But mostly its not a purpose we are searching.We are just bored and we feel there is something exciting waiting for us.We are waiting for some great miracle to happen which will put all the pieces of the puzzle together and make it whole.May be its high time we throw purpose out of the window.
This is all there is !!!


Aravind said...

I feel there's a purpose to life...having food!!!
life and food forms a vicious circle.

sankalp said...

I beg to differ with "THis is all there is".
I personally believe that there is something more to the world... to the earth... something more to our existence than what we can perceive through our narrow visions.
Self-Realization..... Moksha..... Enlightenment .... whatever that is called ... is the stage which is the gateway to enter this unperceived world of 'complete bliss'.
And in that world 'everything is stable as everything is a part of one and the same frame of reference of time'.... quoted... Einstien.
Time does not pass there.
Well that is my purpose for life..... 'Golok-Vrindavana'.
(my term for the state of complete bliss).

ABK said...

I believe, once you completely understand this is all there is, you are enlightened. seems to me life has no purpose but you cant just throw it out the window without complete understanding. I am certain it will come back and haunt.

Destination Infinity said...

Life may not have a purpose. But there are rules. Unwritten ones, which were gathered well by our elders. But as we have become very clever in the modern internet generation, we may not be interested in them. Until they come back later in bigger proportions. Life is a credit card. The higher you draw out of it, the more is the interest.

Destination Infinity.