Tuesday, February 05, 2008

We make our own memories

Our own attitudes decide what our perception is.Then when we store it as a memory, we color it with our own biases.When we meet a new person(most of the time)we make a preconceived notion of how they are.Everyday events are seen through our own limited knowledge.When we are young, any event which would have shocked us,may not be that scary now.But sometimes we shade it with nightmares and then it is going to be scary even in our adult life.So the problem is we may never know what really happened.All our memories are our creations.
Each memory causes a emotion.We should question the deep rooted cause for our suffering or happiness which is obtained from our memories.I am not saying that release from suffering only happens when there is a absence of a past/memory.The solution lies in our understanding of our own emotions.When we are able to look back at our misery and say to ourselves that its inevitable and then question the reason...then we are on a path to understanding.

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vaneecha said...

Came here via RK's rambling ..
Your observation about memories is very apt.
Only when we realise that our state of mind is in our own hands, we will 'see' events in an unbiased way.
Very thought provokingly written !