Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Purpose/No purpose

Jaane kya dhoondata hain mera dil
tujko kya chahaye zindagi
raaste hi raaste hain
kasisa hai yeh safar..

It is necessary that our life should have a purpose.
The "so called" purpose is obtained in continuity.We take our past events and try to connect it and try to find divine meaning through that.We are told to look at the big picture.But our memory fails us.We interpret everything in our life with our limited knowledge and maturity.The perception is through a range of filters.Every event may be a independent event.It may not be a continuity to the before event.We all are waiting for a finale for our life.The final show where everything will be revealed and there will nothing else to know.Most of us think that somehow before our death we will come to know that.We create the world through our own prejudices and judgments.

One of the way of reducing the barriers of knowing reality is to give up the knowledge.
(Paraphrased from U.G Krishnamurti's words..He does not mind it..There is no copy right!!!)

This is not easy because we become empty.Our sense of importance is gone.Our education system works in the opposite way .We want more knowledge to prove our importance.It is one of the biggest paradoxes of life.On one hand we want to know the purpose and then again we don’t want to let go of our imagined purpose.

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Destination Infinity said...

Its true. Self introspection needs us to forget what we are and our imagined purposes. But that defies the very idea of introspection which can be done only by the learning of the past events as everything known to us is relative. Interesting paradox there. But there are certain lessons life teaches us straight, irrespective of our knowledge levels. It is better to learn them the hard way.

Destination Infinity.