Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I check the Top 20 singles in USA.
Most of the common themes in most of the music videos are

love,pain caused because of love(FAILURES),sex,pleasure,hatred on the boy friend/girl friend,loneliness,anger....
I check the Top 10 songs in India..


The common themes
love,lost love ,lust,sex...

The common themes

The instrumental music in all languages is quite refined and breaks all these barriers.But the publicity given to them is minimal.

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Samhita said...

enna pesare nee?
The themes you said don't apply to Tamil. There may be isolated examples.

You should see the kind of beautiful movies / music made in Chennai.

Tamil movies/music is leagues ahead of the Bollywood crap. You have done a great mistake quoting them next.

I don't know about your awareness of Tamil cinema..

-who cares Tamil rocks.. Tamil cinema rocks ahead of all bollywood fags. Tamil muzik rocks..