Thursday, December 27, 2007

Everything is a belief

Everything is a belief
I examined all my motives
I am conditioned to behave in certain ways
I change and I dont know what I am going to become
Everything I believe feels real
My dreams are also real
The Germans invaded my bedroom and shot fifteen bullets
I pretended to be dead...but they could not be deceived
I dont say beliefs are real or unreal
I just say that Everything is a belief...
The poem sucks...but has a deep meaning somewhere(I hope it has)


Aravind said...

"but has a deep meaning somewhere"

The next post must explain the hidden meaning to the readers :-)

sankalp said...

indeed this poem sucks in its present state ...... show me its head and tail sometime ..!!

Anonymous said...

yeah the poem sucks.
and it has a deeper meaning somewhere.