Thursday, December 06, 2007

When the lake speaks to you

I had attended the vipassana meditation course at Kaufman Texas.It was a beautiful experience.There is so much of information available on the technique online ,that even if I mention a single word suggesting how it works,its a waste of space and time.There is so much of intellectual information which gets processed daily.Its so strange when a real situation arises when you have to apply all the elegant theories you have learnt ...the mind does not listen.It just goes on and on with some tangent and produces a trail of bad emotions.I suffered the first two days in the same way trying to grab and control my unstable mind.I offered it my intellectual solace,the teachers kind words ,my anger,my love...everything ..but nothing happened...I gave up.I decided that controlling is not meditation.Domination is not meditation.Its self hypnosis.On the third day I sat during the lunch break near a beautiful lake for a long time.Everything was silent.There was no sound,no movement ,perfectly still..I could look at the surface and see how everything was quiet and beautiful and that instant I knew how to meditate.Its so strange I went to vipassana course to calm my mind using their technique and nature intervenes and teaches me the "zen" way or the "lake" way

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