Thursday, December 06, 2007

Indian Education System

No other country in the world would be making as many blunders as the Indian education system makes.We still follow the British system.The British have left but our minds are still chained to the inferiority that they cultivated in us.Vedas should be taught in Indian schools.Vedic mathematics,astronomy,science and philosophy should be included in the syllabus along with the western invasions.I have added three videos about the vedas which show the superiority of the knowledge we possessed in the past.The Aryan theory of invasion was also devised to prove that Indians were fools.But even the Pythagoras theorem was discovered in India 300 years before Pythagoras was born.He came down to ganges and learnt it.All the famous theoritical physicists like Heisenberg and others have been influenced by Advaita Vedanta.The principle of uncertainity can be easily derived from Advaita Vedanta.I once heard that Kautilya's Arthasastra is being used at Harvard.Kamasutra is the only one which gets the popularity.But there are various other sutras which have lot of knowledge hidden in them.
Its high time the world gives back the dignity of innovation which they took away from India some centuries ago.


Destination Infinity said...

Whether our heritage is appreciated by foreigners or not, there is definitely a lack of appreciation for it by Indians. How many of us know any thing about Vedas other than a generic introduction (which we learn from some western book or hear a quote from max muller). This, inspite of the fact that I did my schooling in DAV, where every saturday we used to recite vedas for a couple of hours and there was a lot of emphsis on them. Its good to see this post (though i am not able to see the video due to my slow connection) and further exploration on this subject would be highly appreciated.

Aravind said...

We dont get the smell of flowers in our own garden. How sad!!