Thursday, August 02, 2007

Spirutuality and dependence

If I want to give up everything and leave
Will I still have regrets???

This question was one of the questions circling my mind even when I was a teenager,when I felt an immense attraction towards saintly(monk)existence.I am alone but still I have so many identities.I belong to a nation,to a family,born into a religion,belong to my beliefs,and I belong to this planet.Where ever I run I wont cease belonging.It is conditioned from when I am born to stick to various identities.When we develop a strong identity and develop a belief system towards we give rise to conflict.It is near to impossible not to feel bad when our own belief system is questioned.The unheard truths prick more than lies.Even if I live in a forest I may start forming a identity based on my existence and then feel bad when loggers destroy every inch of my forest.
Meditation sometimes help us look at our identities in a deep way and come close to the truths about our own beliefs.

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