Thursday, August 09, 2007


Most of the ills of the society are formed by the bounds of compromise.I think we all deserve the best and there should be no compromise.Most of us end up picking up careers which don't satisfy us fully,life partners who are miserable and friends who just torture us with their horrible remarks.Most of the revolutions in the world were started because people did not want to compromise to the authoritarian rule of the world.Most of us are caught up with the insecurity that if we are not happy with what we get then, may be the next time around it will be more miserable.

But we need to throw away things which destruct us.Habits which drive us crazy has to be given up to make space for new habits.Friends who waste our time with their sarcasm have to given up so that, new people who can respect us may enter.The same goes with our careers and all the other people we are going to be associated with.When we start having respect for what we truly deserve then we start changing things within us and outside us.We start taking responsibility and work towards a better world.We don't blame the government but take initiatives to make our country better.We fight corruption and poverty because we feel that we deserve a country which has equal rights and equal opportunities.

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sankalp said...

Indeed apt lines Preethi.
If I were to be an employer, I would want all my employees to know them rather than the over-exaggerated HR lectures.