Thursday, August 02, 2007

Human and God.

Human proposes and God disposes.

One of the quotations used by my mother when ever things go wrong(or things don't happen as we planned).She used to use "man" ..I am trying to be politically correct and I am using "human".

The best things which ever happen to us is that it does not happen as we plan.I hate when people ask me what are my plans for the day.I feel spontaneous-ness of our life is lost when we plan everything.But then wont life be a chaos if we miss trying to get everything done in the world in 24 hours.Even fun things get planned and get executed as if the world will get doomed if we dont have fun in the exact time.We all need a purpose to live.The purpose is defined by our principles and our beliefs.

A resolution itself gives rise to the agony of breaking the resolution(Osho)

We need adequate planning when we are getting ourselves organized with others.We also need some outlines when we need to reach a destination.

I am not against planning.I am against life which is planned

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