Monday, June 18, 2007

The existence of grace

Grace in western terms and consciousness in eastern terms is the guiding force of our life.It is said in most of the religious books that a human beings life is said to be a waste if it is not utilised to achieve the highest level i.e God -hood/Brahman/Atman/samadhi and to glimpse the ever present infinity within us.Why people run back of money and fame rather than finding their true selves.This state of grace can never be achieved by running back of it or by training for it.It is a gift.When we receive it we become humbled.

This is one of the biggest contradictions of life.The ultimate aim of human is to become God .All of us have equal opportunity to become God.The sinner and the saint have equal opportunity.

There was once a conversation between U.G.Krishnamurthy and Ramana Maharishi...

UG went to Ramana Maharishi and asked him

Whether he can give what he has?

In reply Maharishi replied..

Can you take it?

This is the problem with the whole world ...I guess.We are not ready to take it.Grace gives us a lot of things and when we receive it we are so overpowered by humbleness because our ego has no share in it.There is no victory.But a total surrender and total defeat which ultimately leads to realization.

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