Monday, June 18, 2007

The existence of hate

There is a very thin line between dislike and hate.I was having a small debate with one of my friend's and I suddenly discovered that what I thought was dislike towards a particular kind of person/culture was actually hate.Owing to my honesty and straight forwardness I continued with the argument supporting my dislike.I could have switched sides or may be left the conversation half way,but did not do it.Our ego's act in a strange way.When we start arguing we always want to win.I always felt that I was right.But the fact is that the other person also considered themselves as right.Logic gets mixed up with personal agenda.Our experiences combine with our statistics to form a good counter response.A mind fighting against the mind.But mind's beliefs are not permanent.Belief structures are so fragile.Until the illusions are existant and the truth is not viewed our minds control our being.Our win is also a loss because we have acted from the base of an egoic response.The truth which is actually a private endeavour can be realized by the individual themselves.Most of the discussions which are done to prove something right has something wrong built into it ...

It is duality.It exists everywhere.

May be next time we gear up to give a sound opinion lets try to find something good in the other person so that the ego does not obstruct our heart from loving.
The easiest way to win anything is to use love...not hate...

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