Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pleasure and its limits

Life is pleasure !!!

That's what most of the advertisements in the television and newspapers tell you.Few of the ways in which a customer is enticed is ridiculous.The fact is that they want a individual to buy new pair of shoes when the individual has already 5-6 pairs rotting around in the house.Satisfaction and pleasure are two different concepts.The opposite of pleasure is pain.Even after purchasing the pair of shoes after the initial euphoria has died down the individual reaches the same emptiness stage.Then may be the chances are that he/she may run behind someone else for love/friendship,will get scared of silence,go shop for other items or indulge in mindless hobbies which keeps the reality far away.The age we live in can be described as the age of marketing ...through which things can be bought to temporary fill in the void which exists.

This does not mean that we leave this world and start existing in a forest.Even then this attachment may take another level.We may depend too much on sticks and leaves and may be turn the forest into a desert.Satisfaction lies in the fact that we use what we need.We survive with minimum attachments and dependency.A miser is not a satisfied individual.A miser has the same attachment as a shopaholic.When our outer needs decrease and become more simplistic and profound we are surely progressing on the inner journey.


Sharath said...

I'm skeptical that if lesser are your attachments and demands, we will be progressing more. True that even if you are blessed with enormous wealth over night, it will fail to bring the satisfaction, to fill that void. Aiming at absolute detachment with material world will hit the sanity of mind to live in our surroundings. Earning what you are worth of, buying what you feel you deserve, attaching with that and protecting it will lead to maintain the right balance I believe.

astrocrazy2005 said...

This post does not say that buying things as wrong or having attachments as wrong.The basic aim here was to point out the materialism in us which sometimes can go uncontrolled.I feel its impossible to live with nothing(no things :) ).But also it is possible that you can have everything and not be attched to it.