Saturday, May 05, 2007

Obstacles in Action

What happens when we become more aware of our actions.When we realize the result of our actions and try to see that we don't go against our own convictions.We begin a new battle.The battle is with our inner obstacles.The whole world gets turned inward and we realize everything we saw outside also exists in us.
I don't believe that anything can be done with hatred.To hate and to rebel it may never lead anyone towards liberation.Only acceptance may do that.Detachment may get us closer to the required result.

It took me a thousand steps to reach the cliff
I saw the peak and was scared
My own ignorance made me slip a million steps
But I did not give up
I was patient
Then one day I was there...
I was standing on the highest point ..
Then my eyes went above me
I saw a series of cliffs higher than mine
I started climbing ....

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Anonymous said...

A very very nice poem