Sunday, May 13, 2007

Enviornment and its conditions

Are we subjected to conditioning everyday. Many will agree that the reason we behave and act in a certain way is because of conditions based on “n” number of environmental factors. Starting from the country we are born into, the parents we are born to, our educational pursuits, our freinds,our enemies,our careers,the money we have, and the list can go on forver.We never trust other people because someone cheated us.We dont share our happiness because in the past we got only pain.We hurt ourselves because we feel we don’t deserve good things in life.We sacrifice for foolish reasons.

I truly beleive that saints are not born in luxury.There is this false assumption in us that we cannot escape our own conditions.But if we study the past and trace all the greatness which was born out of suffering we will be amazed.Life has a meaning even though we suffer.The tragedies don't stop us from realizing who we are.We in our minds and hearts make up obsatcles which stop us.Victor Frankyl,Nelson Mandela,Mother teresa and many more people can be taken as examples in this regard.

If God can be found in the houses of the poorest of the poor .
If prisons and concentration camps can give you hope to live till you are 100 .
I don't know why psychologists and philosophers waste their time making theories about conditioning and impulses.


Ram said...

I truly beleive that saints are not born in luxury. -->Do you mean to say that "saints are not NECESSARILY born in luxury."

astrocrazy2005 said...


I dont know whether you understood what i was trying to convey..
I was telling that saints normally after they realize the illusionary existence give up their luxury...
So a person so attracted to wealth may not see due to his own ignorance the higher meaning of life...