Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Art of Happiness.

This post is actually about a book called "The Art of Happiness".This book is actually a conversation between the Dalai Lama and the psychologist Howard .C.Cutler.
I was a bit hesitant at first to start of with the book, because deep down inside I did not want my difficulties to be wiped away by some rituals.Faith for me is a very difficult thing to understand.I can have faith on people,myself and everything which exists.But to have faith on mythological beings is difficult …sometimes impossible.Sometimes I am also envious of people who have this deep hidden faith which tells them that "going to this place/religious "all problems will be cured.I do believe in evolving as a human and realizing the true self through contemplative practices.
But the book turned out to be a eye opener.The book gives you hope, not that it promises you some quick fix techniques which can solve most of the terrifying problems but it gives you principles of compassion.
Kindness and Compassion are the two concepts which gives us inner strength.I have heard many people say that in this competitive world there is no place for compassion. People would take revenge and satisfy their ego rather than try to break the cycle of hatred.

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Neodawn said...

There is nothing wrong is having faith. You just need some base rule you are comfortable believing, like if I do more good things, more good things will happen to me. It might not be true exactly, but what matters is, are you comfortable believing it?

Some persons go to places and wash their sins off. It might sound irrational, as it does to you & me, but really what matters is, how comfortable the person feels & how staunch is his belief. It’s basically the Placebo Effect in action.

A recent article, quoted below, in Time highlights some important points on achieving based on a study.
1) Be attuned to what gives you genuine satisfaction.
2) Study yourself.
3) Take control.,8599,1606395,00.html