Sunday, April 01, 2007

Midnight Blues

This world runs on preconceived assumptions which have no logic or reason.Most of the famous painters and poets in the world were potrayed as mad people.Most of the people who made great changes happen in our world were shot dead.The revolutionaries were always hanged or burned alive. The credit were never flooded on their feet.They could never see the dawn after the misery.
All they wanted was to belong to this world ...
All they needed was a little recognition...
Its not that I want the world to change
Not that the minds of the society is run by intelligence
The world has always been a fools paradise
Freedom has been compromised everytime
Its one question which bothers me always
Am I the sane in the insane world
The crazy among the average
The world has always been a mystery
Dreams have always been my place!!!

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