Monday, April 09, 2007

Everything is as it should be

The hands of time have never stopped moving forward
The planets have never stopped revolving
The buds still blossom even though you dont notice
The great trees which stood centuries still fall
Noise made by the great fall is never heard
The bells still toll when you make a mistake
A thousand things done right wont vanish the guilt
The silent world events happen when you dont notice
A shadow is creeping behind you as you read this
There is always a observer
You may sometimes deny that
But life works in that way
Everything is as it should be
The rivers will never wash away the dirt
The marks are always left behind
When you dont hear or notice the shadow creeps inside
The pain and screams never stop
The silence which you have may last for a minute
The illusions which you have built will collapse
In your pride you may dissolve
Nothing can change ..
and last forever

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