Wednesday, December 20, 2006

So difficult...

It’s so difficult to realize that you are not what you look.
If you look good and people appreciate it..this does not give you prolonged happiness(at least for few hours)..just a high for a second...
The million commercials which they show which can enhance your life may be a lie.
The songs featuring handsome hunks and beautiful babes in reality make look fake with layers of make up ...
The camera makes reality ...Your place doesn’t exist ..You are an outsider..
Real India is not the shadow of Ekta Kapoor serials.
Most of India population stays in poverty ..They dont have desinger brands ..They don’t shop at malls...They don’t know that Mc Donald’s is a cancer that is spreading across the world.

These views come out as I try to understand India ...the real I walk on the streets I try to get used to all the male chauvinistic behaviour, the stares, the comments of guys/men who can’t mind their own business. They scan me as if I am the last of the female species. They try to follow me so that they can scare me. They try to instill in me the fact that without a man you are nothing. A part of me is disgusted by what I have experienced in few days. I can't change it. I can't help it. Only thing I know is I don’t deserve this crap.As a self respecting woman I want fairness and justice. I want freedom..I want a India where I can atleast walk happily at 8PM and not get assualted/abused.I just feel sad for all the billion woman who live in villages or god forsaken places where I am sure cave men laws would work better than today’s laws which are run by brain dead men.

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