Friday, December 08, 2006


It is so difficult to quieten the mind.I am finding next to imposssible to dive deep into silence.Everywhere there are impulses which drive me into a confusion.Happiness,enlightment,peace...all the emotions come from within.But I have started observing lately that many of the emotions which come from me are not the product of the inner turmoil or serenity.It is induced by external factors.The music I listen to ,what I eat,what I watch all contribute to my mind set.I am not me .I am the product of millions of diversions targeted at me everyday.

May be that was one of the main reasons why saints in the ancient world used to isolate themselves.But even in isolation there are diversions.The natural calamities,hunger..all natural instincts used to divert them anyway.The possible solution for the slipping mind is oneness.It comes from awareness of our own diversions.Denial will never lead you to a path of inner wisdom.


Sharath said...

If mind quietens then it indicates you are dead!!. Even I wondered, one can attain the peace only by silencing the little voice but the more I tried more it spoke. You can't invalidate the natural instincts/responses to the external world. If you ask what is one's real self?, I would say there isn't any answer, everybody is mirror of the world they live, understand, interpret and recognise themselves with.

One should not be worried of the confusions in emotions, ambivalency is the most honest emotion. Also you should not recognise yourself with your passing thoughts. As you rightly said one needs to be aware of the diversions and acceptance will lead to the right path!!

FJ said...

Good one!
Try going to a nothing state...I mean thinking *nothing*.. very tough but very rewarding.
One of my old posts :

- Venkat

astrocrazy2005 said...

your thoughts are highly insightful ...
"Also you should not recognise yourself with your passing thoughts."
This thought you have written is wonderful...a person is not what they think they are...but what they
are..our thoughts are important but there is a stronger self which defines you..

astrocrazy2005 said...

your ideas presented in your blog are very good..I will try to implement it in my life..
Thank you:)