Friday, December 22, 2006

The untimely fall

Do I need to write down every single occurence of my life
Fading memories have twisted the details of the blurry past
I dont remember roads or faces
I cant remember names or suprises
The joys and sorrows have no value now
I have changed and also changed the memories somehow
The trip down memory lane is a joke to me
I find myself behaving dumb and ignorant as I can be
I cannot see how people around me accepted me then
When I was so dependent and delicate within
A small shake to the boat of life
A small gust of wind scared me
The lens I look through keeps changing as days pass by
I can see the consciousness in my mind enlarge
My heart is getting too tired of love
Because I can see it everywhere in everyone's eyes.
I can't find reasons why I analyse everything in me
May be it is due to a head injury ..
when I entered the crazy world,
banged my head on the hospital wall
recovered from the bump but not from the fall...


Sharath said...

If it's not for that one fall, how different the world would have occured. The fall happens to fortunate few. Isn't it just this moment, you get to live fully?.

astrocrazy2005 said...

Few are chosen...In that very few follow the path