Saturday, September 02, 2006

Spinning Wheel

The wheel has always had a significant position among all the symbols which have caused major revolts. The thread spun was also used as a tool for freedom. But lately I have started to feel the gratitude towards the ever spinning wheel. Seasons come and go, leaves fall, the heat burns the skin and the chills create new wounds. But ever going forward not rewinding to the seems so amazing and I marvel at natures creation...Time for me has been a gift. Instead of focusing on trying to squeeze all the things I wanted to ever do. Sometimes I just drown myself in the tides of time. It heals me from within. Whenever a doubt occurs in my mind I stroll by the shores of the ever expanding time and set the problem free. I don’t react. I enjoy the passing moment. I feel as if I am traveling at the speed of light towards end and still I feel the weight of silence in my heart. I never search for solutions. I don’t search for the right person to talk to. I let time to leave me a secret message in a bottle .I let the water take me in so that it shows me new places. I used to close my eyes tightly because I was scared .Now I let time show me the horizons of destiny and as the wheel rotates I as a silent observer get hypnotized by the beauty of life.

Time is the wisest counselor


Sanjay M said...

Hi Preeti, really beautiful post... thanks for your comment on Kunnakudi

I find your blog really nice and readable... somewhat similar to

astrocrazy2005 said...

Thanx..for visting my blog..

poodle said...

hi preethi,

your posts are filled with a rare knowledge an understanding of common things. mark my words you will be a great writer one day.

charming posts.

b v n said...

Nice one..again :) I'm an arch believer of this "solution will emerge in time" idea...often others and at times even i think its laziness :)...but the actual thing is you need to create some breathing space and give time for things to come a full circle...the "healing" as you put it is better in that way....could really relate to this post

astrocrazy2005 said...


b v n,
Yes ..we need time to heal..