Monday, September 04, 2006

Soul search...

I stop my breath so that I can hear the utterances of my soul
I lay in the dark so that I can see the hidden light
As I step into the sleepy depths of my body which lies there still
I feel the soul stepping out of me..
Is it when I hug death that it leaves me ..
Or in the night without my knowledge
It plays little tricks on me
The sole thought circles my mind
Whether that soul would get back to me when the ray of
light strikes
I wake up knowing that today my soul is with me
I tremble when it may again leave me
I look at the blue sky my mind racing the clouds
The search of finding the soul still continues
For some time with the distractions of the world
I forget that the soul may leave me
I sit on the bed that night staying awake
So that it does not escape the physical body
All this talk I babble sometimes does not make sense
I take a breath and hear the inner longing
the soul wants to travel with me
It says that this insecurity will die down one day
When at peace I make my mark on this world
I bow down in honor of the holy soul
The fire cant burn it
The wind cant blow it away
It exists and vanishes at the same instant
It shows me a way!!!!


anonymous said...

thats good i say...wht inspired u to it ?

astrocrazy2005 said...

Incidents in our life constantly challenge us and ask for answers..This was one of the questions which life posed me?
My aunt passed away after fighting a long battle with cancer.So it made me question life and death..fairness and unfairness..
soul and emptiness...