Friday, August 25, 2006


I come across people sometimes who have different masks which they wear for different arenas of their lives..They change their tone and appearance for the occasion and hide their real self ..Internet can allow you to believe sometimes what you are not..I have known so many people personally!!! when they are online giving their precious words of wisdom through the online/blog sources they contradict their true selves...There are layers of deception which people sometimes carry through..A mordern thought process is achieved by trying to follow the latest clothing or buying a cool car/eating at a posh restaurant or behaving in a new way which would put actors to shame..I have always appreciated people who are straight forward and deterimined.Virtual loads of love cant replace the real piece of emotion which beats in your heart.Ultimately your own fakeness destroys your life and the illusion is broken and you fall down...May be sometimes we should let time be the task master and let the guilty pay the price for the crime committed..


b v n said...

Hi, i'm a twelve feet tall genie about to give you three boons :)...neways across internet this is my mask. jokes apart...this was a bold know this cud repell off some of your potential readers.Nice blog,you make a lot of sense *relief* ..will be back !!

creativemonks said...

The whole world is a stage and we are mere actors..but we actors...driven by desires n pleasures try some more make-up on us n play dual roles to own all those that allures us and in this process its very sad that we land up winning awards for our selfish,dishonest,unfaithful,unloyal talent nurtured very naturally into the performance...and if time is gonna play the tastmaster then ...every day therez a star winning awards but the problem can never be solved and i think this problem can jus be healed...and healing is the feeling that drives us to understand what we are and what we are doing....and when this difference between their DEEDS is justified to their honest inner selves then..that makes the count of counterfiet to run in descending order..
And honestly, im one of those actors fact im a huge superstar..bcoz i do understand the difference and still continue counterfieting.....the need of the hour makes me a superstar TIME is the criminal.

astrocrazy2005 said...

b v n,
I try to write as honestly as possible..if my trueness makes few people hate me ..I dont mind...

On a confessional note even I have acted like a counterfeit when I was younger ...and sometimes even now..
But I try my level best to be the everywhere..

I agree with you ...sometimes its the time which is the culprit ..But always proactivity matters..Try to react in a way which does not conflict with your inner self..Awards dont matter in real life..A second of inner peace is equivalent to a hundred awards..

Anonymous said...

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Ram said...

I must admit that I am widening the scope of your thought.

Integrity does not make some
people angry ,it makes almost everybody angry.Of course if you accept condescension like Gandhi then you can lessen the number.

But easier said than done,do you have the fortitude ,courage to make so many enemies?Also should you actually be making so many enemies is a very difficult question.