Thursday, September 07, 2006

A handful of trust

Trust is so important in our lives..So many times we just sail through life without even questioning whether the people who surround us would support us in time of need.Humans by nature are dependent species.The dependency level should not be so high that you become a parasite.But normal dependency levels are crucial for our everyday existence.When we have the taste of someone taking advantage of our bad swings in life ,the over all trust we have on humanity decreases.This downward spiral continues for sometime until we reach a stage where someone else builds up trust.Then again a bad situation makes us trust-less..These circles of trust and trust-lessness continues for a long time.I have always thought what is the solution for the problem...
Do we become spies and start suspecting everyone?
Do we prepare ourselves for the worst circumstances that the damage is less..
I personally believe that what you give comes back in return...
Having a common set of principles to guide our lives irrespective of whom we interact gives us a guilt free approach of handling the dangerous situations.
It would never happen that we wont get cheated by someone or the other.Each one of us have to go through that phase in life.But the reactive outlook can change and enpower you and not make you feel like a fool.

To give love people who give hate
To distribute trust the people who steal our fate
To live like a king/queen ..when your friends steal your wealth
Is not impossible to achieve takes only a little bit time ..
The tides would change and stars would shine
When the good times roll...It overshadows all the insults and crimes...

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