Thursday, September 21, 2006


What is that you offer when someone has everything.The broken hearted souls speak to the stone hearted people who have cast them away.Living apart from civilization is difficult ...Isolation deprives you of the common everyday joys.From when we are young ... as we go into old age ..all of us would be rejected or discarded from our jobs,friends ,lovers,family and so on..This rejection may be due to some misunderstandings,fights or plain cruelity against us.The first time when we are not allowed to play in the popular pricks us the hardest..If we are given correct advice and helped to cope with such conditions we turn out to be a unscrewed human..But if you are one of those unlucky kids go through the pain alone then the bad internal dialogue which is formed then.. actually repeats and continues to our adulthood.These rejections turn into anxiety,panic attacks,jealousy,eating disorders..and so on..It takes a hard look at our internal dialogue to make out what we feed our internal self... Once you know that you are being effected with low self esteem,self hate and destruction..the next things is to discard it out of your mind..There is no magic pill which can make you forget the insults and the tremendous amount of hurt you have been through all the years.The easier way is to unlearn the habits.One of the best ways of treating yourself is to take responsibility for your own emotions.Be a light into yourself.Be your own best freind.Be your own psychologist.Write all your fears into a journal ..bury your anger in the pages..let all of your misery sink into the white space and come out as words..Give life to all your hidden emotions..It would take some months..sometimes years but once you start ..there is no looking back.You have to learn to embrace rejection as a part of our existence..


SVS said...

Once I faced the most bitter rejection of my life.My girlfriend rejected me and went and married my best friend! I broke up with her and never talked to my friend after the backstab.

After two years, I have forgotten her and you know something....I miss my friend.:)


hey nice blog.

have fun. life goes on.

Storz said...

One of the keys to happiness in life is a bad memory.

keep smiling.

astrocrazy2005 said...

Thanx for sharing your just goes on..and I hope you find someone who truly loves you..
best of luck

I am absent minded is easier for me to forget