Wednesday, September 20, 2006

When less is more

I have sometimes lived in the constant fear of losing the rat race. Everything I have strived to gain has sometimes slipped into the constant fear of scarcity. As the universe expands and everything in it expands into new horizons...the amazing complex professional world contracts. The opportunities seem to diminish. I am in state of constant scarcity and I feel insecure. I always lack the right knowledge. The technology has left me far behind. My pay is less ,my demands are more. The clothes even though numbering a fair amount looks less. My face demands attention. I have bought everything which can make my skin glow. Still there is something which steals the inner smoothness..The racks with all the stuff makes me feel poor...The masters degree makes me insecure..The wisdom of life still eludes me. Confusion ranges in various degrees ..I go through a fit of anger and start throwing away which has kept my real self hidden...The real me exists is buried under layers of branded clothes...The cosmetics have fogged my vision..The real me exists ...The gleaming cards dont have that much worth..The necessity exists...The real me needs a way through wants me to look look listen carefully...a quiet whisper...which passes through ...a silence which exists ...

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