Sunday, September 24, 2006

Unburdening the load...

You look for calmer pathways in life which is stable and monotonous...You look for ways to reduce reduce the bumps on the road..The main goals becomes stability and problem solving ..Any problem which crops up.. I used to get anxious and think of the devastating result it produces.This mindset is not in synchronicity with nature..The chaos and confusion which exists in our life have a oppurtunity of growth hidden in them..Everything in the world is a well ordered system ..Many of the philisophical books talk about the path of least resistance and the path of uncertainity..
The path of last resistance was used successfully by Gandhi.He used the path of non violence which is a humane method to achieve freedom.Least resistance means that we act with nature,with our own destiny to make our lives..We dont act of our ego..we dont have ego trips which makes life difficult ..We let go of the possessions ..we wait for it to come to us...Least resistance principle is a method in which we use our wisdom to make changes in life and sometimes we just life go by without forcing change on it.

We look for secure job,a spouse who is with us for a life time,we look for gadgets which last a life time ..we want everything to last forver..We want,desire and aim at permanence..But the world does not work on works on uncertainity..The natural destructions which occurs for seconds changes the lives of millions of people..This is not the cruel side of divine power ..But it is renewal..As Rabindranath Tagore puts it ..

The vessel empties and is filled again ..the melodious music from the flute is played..

As humans we need to thrive on uncertainity..This does not mean having a aimless life or a life without proper ambition..But it means to open to the possibilities of life..To plan every single day and minute what you will do is foolishness.We need to have clear goals and principles.But once you decided what you leave it to nature and start enjoying the rocky/smooth ride..You enjoy the journey and be detached to the results..Uncertainity and confusion is a gift helps you grow as a more humble spiritual being..Sometimes the worst situations happen for your own good..When you see the bigger picture at the would thank your destiny for all the diasters..

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