Thursday, August 10, 2006

Inner Wars

Sometimes as a ego trapped kid ..I use to feel winning was everything..I was constantly at battle with everyone who was better than me .I wanted to have the victories which no one ever had!!!Even now I think winning is everything ..But winning with your self is the greatest joy..It may sound cliched and might have been told a million times before.But the time when the competition form outside stops and we start sharing our knowledge,money and our service with others..there is a other battle which starts with our negativity,with our mind and with our pleasures..Self discipline even though it looks like the army word ...
which scares me most of the time..
I call myself free spirit..
I will tell you that it is the one thing which leads you to success..

As Steven Covey says in his book,If there is a yes printed inside your heart ...then nothing in the world can stop you ...You just need to know for what you should say yes..


Rohit Malik said...

hi preeti,

Yes, very true!

take care, Rohit

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