Thursday, August 10, 2006

A four legged freind

As I lay on this square bed facing the wall
Why dont you come beside me and have a chat
I may not live forver in this world
But through my veins the blood which runs red
Have been bonding us through the ages
Dont get scared as the mania may never touch you
Every part of my body screams in pain
But it will be kind of you if come and talk to me again
I promise I will keep the tears in my sunken eyes
I shall never let the sadness run close to you
I am a part of you ..a divine child..
I have soul and a body which is falling apart
the four legged bed my best friend
You stay with me till my very end
The music is lost and the dance is going to stop
Oh...holy light pull me stronger towards you today
I feel like leaving my body
I dont want to feel this strange pain
When humans falter and burn you down
When they crush your heart with their cruel rules
Oh four legged saviour take me far away ..
To a world of dreams and eternal peace
My body is falling apart and still I have a soul
I am born out of your dont have to be so cold


abscondingsoul said...

nice poem, very imaginative. but it does have an air of sadness... somewhat a sombre feeling, something i don't like to see in poems. but a very good poem. anyway, i came here through the link you had posted on the orkut thread, i have my link there too.

astrocrazy2005 said...

Yes the poem is about a lonely woman who is about to die and no one cares to come and have a chat with her!!!