Thursday, August 10, 2006

Orange Bloom

As I sit and gaze at the beauty spread in front of me
I try to catch the fleeting moments tightly in my fingers
I know that there may never be a another day
Which would be as beautiful as today?
The love of calmness and peace surrounding me
The old bench on which we sat for a hour
The seconds which felt like total eternity
The dream getting converted to reality
For a minute a rising panic runs through my body
I feel scared that may be I would never have this happiness again
I sit there and sweat out my fear and agony
A slight half smile I see on your face
This beautiful world has given me a precious treasure
Life has let me taste the sweetest thing
Now as I sit in loneliness everyday
The memory weaves a web which tangles me and gives me company
I may never know whether I could see once again a heaven on earth
I may never have the trouble of letting go
The beautiful sunset has been etched in my heart
Nothing in this world can take that away

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