Saturday, August 12, 2006

As I scream loudly and hear the echos travelling the bygone lanes .A part of me emerges which I have never seen..This existed from when I was born.In shadows it travelled with me everywhere.It coloured the every white thought I did with honest intentions.I wonder from where the roots of my desire spring up.My unwanted qulaities demand justice.My laziness,my greed,my selfishess and my lies tell me they want justice..How can I ignore when they are present?How do I suggest my greatness when they are there..To close my eyes and accept they dont exist doesnt work any more!!!
Where do I throw my wasted self...Where do I go to forget the cruel past?

To kill desire ..experience it..When the desire leaves then there is no control..Like tamed beasts the hate resides near good..Like the shadow it exists beside dark.I see the dichotomy of life everywhere..But I choose to see the light and not the dark..


Deepa said...

Hi Preethi,

This seems to be a very imporant post. To be aware, to be able to see the different sides of things and choose lightness is the greatest gift.

Thanks for the inspiration.

astrocrazy2005 said...


inspiration is tehre everywhere..i am just chaneeling it through my blog..