Thursday, August 17, 2006

Meditation -Part 2

Caution:This post about mediatation is... my view on it.....It can vary from what others experience..From the past 7 years I have been trying to mediatate on and off..This article is born out of my own thinking !!!

It requires persistance...Meditation is not just some practice where you drown in silence.Its a battle with yourself.The first stage of meditation is trying to concentrate your mind on nothing.When you first start off its a daily struggle trying to concentrate on darkness or some rhythmic sound which is soothing.I dont think meditation is some kind of miracle science which can solve your life problems...but it is one of the ways of looking directly at problems.In most cases when humans encounter complex problems which are emotionally very tiresome e try to find ways to escape it.Meditation places your mind in the middle of chaos.We need to solve all our difficult issues to be at peace with ourself.Our conscience slowly comes to life and starts pricking up with questions.Meditation slowly makes us a way to heal.I have always mediatated continously for a month then I would land in one of the problems I was trying to run away.Meditation has helped me grow ..Sometimes I was not mentally ready to face a situation but I pushed myself to solve it and I landed in a dead end..I feel evolution cant be a process of fast recovery.But then again I had the ability to solve it some time later.May be its wisdom and our own self knowledge which drives us to be better humans beings..

Meditation is a map..a path...not a destination..We need to walk through to reach the goal...


Deepa said...

This is so true. Right along the same lines, may I recommend a short book..."Stillness Speaks" by Eckhart Tolle. If you haven't already read it. It's really good. He's so clear and simple, and makes you feel like you already knew this.

harry said...

hey nice to see ur blog :D

astrocrazy2005 said...

thanx for the suggestion..