Saturday, July 29, 2006

Unlearning curves..10 post ...12.31

I have spent so many years trying to learn the ways of the world.Some times I realize that it was wrong and the best way is something which I discovered yesterday.We all have to fall a few times before we learn to walk.But the best ways to live your life are timeless.They dont change with passing highs or lows of your life.If they dont work out and break down then they are not worth it.For example doing good to help someone ..for genuine needs ..cant back long as you calcualte the result of how the help is going to be useful to the person..
To place a foundation of your life on these set of value system will give your life an unwavering support during those off days when you feel the whole world is against you..

If you lost and you can look
time after time
confusion is nothin new
darkness has turned to gray
secret is stolen from deep inside..
if you fall ..i will catch you
I will be waiting.
time after time
you say go slow ..i fall behind

cyndi lauper

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