Saturday, July 29, 2006

Freedom 11 post 1.10PM

The sounds of the chirping of the birds used to drive me mad.I always tried to turn away my face when I was walking through their window which was close to the back yard.The sky with patches of white snow was calling them.I wanted to tress pass their property and talk to them.The property had everything ..there was overflowing greenery around..a spacious house comprised of all the luxuries,servants running to fulfill all the masters desires..The sounds of the birds were unbearable.One day I muster up all my courage and go closer towards the noise.I see a dozen birds kept in a huge metal cage.The birds have everything there,servants,water fountain...but they lack the most important thing FREEDOM..

I wont let you down
I wont give it up..
Allw e have to do now
is to take these lies and make them true
All we have to see that you dont belong to me
And I dont belong to you
freedom ..
oh my freedom
George micheal

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