Saturday, July 29, 2006

Two sides of the same 14 2.40 PM

As I look throught the window there are so many beggars waiting at the traffic signal.There are at a look out for people who they can target for money.No food or clothing will be accepeted .Begging is a respectable profession which earns them 40-50 Rupees per day.People use different catch phrases to attract the people towards them.There are even training camps to teach children how to beg so that they can continue the family tradition.Then there are various other gangsters who take some percent of the money from the beggars.

I see a monk with brown/white robes mostly with a begging bowl in hand.He/she may be highly qualified but according to the tradition of the religion they perform this act to kill their ego.They dont have any material posessions..

Oh..think twice
its a another day for me in paradise
I have blisters on my feet
You know how long I have been here
I have been moved out from every where..
Phil Collins

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