Saturday, July 29, 2006

Everything is what it should be ..15 post ..3.19PM

When I feel low and there is a unsinkable fact,I try to think that what ever happens is just..I have had so many instances when I used to think that the world was being good to my friends and being bad to me.But now I look back and think that it was the best thing which ever happened to me..I am far more humble now,I can understand people because I have myself failed many times...I just look at nature for inspiration..The sun rises and sets,the birds continue their flight towards skies,the trees dont stop swaying to the breath continues..the time doesnt stop for anyone anymore...

And a thought crosses my mind
If I am not awake in the morning
If you ever doubt how I feel In my heart
If tomorrow never comes
Will you ever know how much I loved you
Ronan Keating

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