Saturday, July 29, 2006

Missing Pieces..Post 13 2.13 PM

I used to love puzzles as a kid.But when ever I used to lose few pieces of the puzzle I used to go mad.I wanted everything to fit in its place to make the final picture.I feel as people we all are also puzzles..We are born as a whole..We misplace few of our qualities and start searching for freinds,soul mate..and others to compensate the missing piece.But a piece of one set cant match with some other pieces of another puzzle.But most of the people dont understand it.They think if they try longer then someone else will come along and complete them in some way.But the image/picture we form exists deep within ourself.We have to visualize it.The missing part of us also will be present there.Money,status,education,better spouse cant fill the emptiness within you.You sort it out and make it your own destiny..

everytime we meet
the picture is complete
everytime we touch
the feeling is too much
You are the puzzle of my heart

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