Thursday, July 27, 2006

To Kill Love..

Stayed in darkness so that the shadow may not follow me
Stayed awake so that I never get dreams
Stopped listening to my heart beats
The slowness of breath could not stop my mind
Tried to fill my heart with joy but the pain does not disappear
Got a set of knives to drain it out..
The invisible force always eludes me...
The voice has stopped ..
but the silence is deafning
The confusion has ended ...but nothing is clear
I have tried to burn it out of me
The only thing which catches fire is hate
I have tried to reason with it
But it does not listen to me
It has taken a life of its own
I give up...I flow with my emotions
I drown in love
I ruin my ideals
I kill hate ..I let love win
I treasure it deep within my heart
Like a cancer it kills me sometimes
But I open my eyes still exists
How do i run away from something ..which is everywhere
I cant kill love..
I cant forget the memories ..I cant forget !

1 comment:

sheela35 said...

sometimes memories act like shackles and delay evolution. my take on love and memories is that we all come alone into this world and leave alone. allow time to heal and move on. that is what i did when I lost love. Time brought me a much better person and a better future and now that person is my husband and our future are our two kids.