Thursday, July 27, 2006

Happiness as a choice..

I have always wondered what makes a person truly happy???
Is it some kind of transmitters in the brain which generate few hormones which take away the gloom out of our life. Something which commonly available drugs usually do when they give you a high.But why is the addiction always so miserable? Why is that permanent happiness not a good thing. The mind is a software which is built into our bodies.We program it according to our needs.We teach it to survive in various enviornments.But most of the people run back of happiness because they are scared to do the additional work of teaching themselves new ways of survival.

Anthropological evidence has proved us that the only reason that other species of humans who used to exist along with us became extinct only because they did not change.The advent of ice age made our race travel far and search for better living conditions.We survived.The Neanderthal species was extinct.

I lived all my teenage years comparing myself to someone who was better than me.If I attain a goal there was someone who was always better than me .The absolute satisfaction of attaining a goal never happened.Now a days the fight is with myself.The struggle is to overcome my own delusions.I thank myself when I overcome any obstacle.I accept the failure and make it a part of me .I announce the failure to everyone..not that I need a crying partner..I turn the fear into a winning motivator.I give myself a chance ..I fail again and give myself a chance again..This cycle continuing with highs and lows happens in everyones life..Its what you make of it which is tremendously important..

There may be many people who stare at the moon and start to imagine the wonderful sights available there.There are few people who dreamed the same things and went there for a trip and showed the world the great sites available there...

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Deb Gianola said...

You made me think of a poem I wrote when I was 16. Now I'm 50 with a family, but here it is:

The cycles of my feelings
that pull me round and round,
Deeper and deeper inside of myself,
to depths that cannot be found.
I look and I search for a meaning
The fatigue of the labor bears
My only release is to let it slide,
which saves me when I could

Peace, and believe in yourself. My whole life changed when I started trusting my inner voice.